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Acupuncture and Reflexology

For Fertility


 Acupuncture and Reflexology for fertility

Acupuncture and reflexology for fertility, treatment during pregnancy and inducing labor.

My clinic is located at “Family Zoo” Classensgade 11 E, Østerbro 2100 Copenhagen.
Appointments: Telephone 28 80 18 27 or text at same number.

Acupuncture and reflexology for fertility

When you are planning to become pregnant, it’s always a good idea to look at your overall health. This applies to both women and men. Each of us will provide the half of what will become a healthy child. When a woman is pregnant, it is obviously her the focus needs to be on: she will carry the baby, give birth, and later breastfeed it.

Achieving pregnancy for some couples can be difficult, and infertility can be a stressful situation to be in. But whether you try by natural means or are in some form of fertility treatment, insemination or IVF, it may be a good idea to start with reflexology and acupuncture before conception. Reflexology and acupuncture stimulates fertility, and several studies have shown that there are great opportunities to increase the chances of pregnancy if the woman has acupuncture when she’s in hormone replacement therapy.

If you are trying to get pregnant without medical aid the treatment with acupuncture and reflexology for fertility must follow your cycle, so that your ovulation is “followed through to completion.” Any imbalances you may have, must be assessed and treated, so your chances of becoming pregnant increase. Although there are many who need help to become pregnant, do not forget that by far the largest number of pregnancies happen naturally without major problems, and why would you not belong to this group, as long as no major issues are found. Over the years I have had quite a few clients who have chosen to get treatment even though no problems have been identified, in order to focus on their general health from the start of the pregnancy.

How can you benefit from Reflexology and Acupuncture in your Pregnancy

The most common pregnancy discomforts can be treated or eased by an acupuncturist or reflexologist. It can not be stressed too strongly that if you have the slightest doubt about what you are feeling is normal, you MUST contact your midwife or doctor. It is very important that you do not overlook signals from your body and your baby that may require medical treatment.

Reflexology and acupuncture treatments work preventatively and relaxing, which in turn will be beneficial for you and your child. The relaxing and energising effect of reflexology will give you a sense of greater peace and a better well-being throughout your pregnancy.

Reflexology Treatment of Infants

Your baby does not necessarily need to have colic to have reflexology treatment. Some children do not fall under the term colic children even if they scream, are unhappy or just discontent. A baby can be helped through the initial difficulties by getting some reflexology, and parents can get good advice along the way.

Some infants are born with an “immature” gut. When the child begins to eat, the entire digestive system starts to work. It will be a while before the intestinal bacteria and digestive juices start working as they are supposed to. Air is trapped when the intestines are not fully developed and have to digest breast milk, and digestion is thus incomplete. This is often what gives the child a stomach ache, and prolonged bouts of crying.

The treatment

The baby will be treated gently with reflexology, preferably while being breastfed. If the child has, or has had, jaundice, it may contribute to the child not digesting its food optimally. An incomplete digestion results in air being trapped in the intestines, and triggers the press reflex.

The vast majority of babies like reflexology, and the reaction to it is often sleepiness. But there are also cases where the child reacts during or after the treatment, with unrest, more crying than usual or frequent bowel movement.

Most children receive 2 or 3 treatments, and then, most have recovered to such an extent that one can say that their reactions are what you can expect from a baby.

My clinic is located at “Family Zoo” Classensgade 11 E, Østerbro 2100 Copenhagen.
Appointments: Telephone 28 80 18 27

It is easiest to contact me during the day and you are always welcome to leave a message or send me a text message if it is difficult to get a hold of me. You are also most welcome to send a text message over the weekend. See prices below.


Price: one treatment costs DKK 720, –
If you are a member of “Denmark” refunds are available.

Punch cards for 3 treatments costs DKK 1940, – and you can pay with cash or MobilePay.
All treatments last for 45 minutes. The induction of Labour may in some cases extend over two consecutive treatments.

When you arrive at Classensgade 11 E,  you press the button on the wall that says “Family Zoo” and continue straight out to the little garden on the right. Turn right through the little garden and the door is straight ahead.
I am on the first floor, so come on up the stairs, there is a waiting area on the right.

Phone 28 80 18 27

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